All day long!

mac-longwear-makeup.jpg On the topic of weddings, it is the makeup artist's job to make sure that the bride looks flawless all day long. Since this can mean up to twelve hours of perfect skin, I need to work with products that will go the distance. For my last wedding, I decided to use MAC longwear lustre lipcolour. This liquid lipstick goes on like a stain, which means that it dries and leaves nothing but the color. For the rest of the day you only apply the attached gloss, no need to reapply the color! The fun part about this product is that it doubles as a cheek stain as well! Just blend it out on bare skin, and your blush will last as long as your lipstick. Some of my favorite colors are Lishious (a peachy gold) and Boss Brown (a neutral bronze). Even though this is a perfect bridal product, it is also perfect for a day at the beach. Make sure that your lips are completely dry when using the lipcolour, otherwise the product will not dry properly and end up peeling off (not pretty). Also, blend fast when using this as blush!