Oscar night!

oscar statue The Oscars are one of my favorite TV events of the year. An avid lover of quality films, I enjoy supporting the achievements of great actors and...oh, who am I kidding? I love to get together with my friends and talk about what people are wearing. It is so much fun to see the ladies in their elegant dresses and jewels. It's even more fun to see the people who look ridiculous and have way too much makeup on. I say this even as I sympathize with the stylists who work incredibly hard on Oscar day. As a makeup artist, I get to see how much primping that goes into making an actress Oscar-ready. Last year I arrived at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills six hours before the Oscars. My Oscar-nominated client was already visited by her clothing stylist and jeweler. After getting her prepped and ready, I crowded into the elevator and ran into a few other stylists that I know. We all looked at eachother and giggled at the thousands of dollars and hours involved to create the image of a "perfect" woman. However, what most people fail to realize is that these women are often just as insecure as the rest of us. It's enlightening for me to see that even the most physically beautiful woman can find something negative to say about her looks. What makes me a good makeup artist is that I see beauty very easily. I meet with clients and am able to point out their best features and how to accentuate them. I tell my clients all the things that I think are beautiful about them, and if I do my job correctly then they will feel better about themselves by the end of the session. I do this with every client, whether or not they are nominated for an Oscar. If I can offer any advice to you, it would be to see your own beauty. Look in the mirror and see the things that you like about yourself. Most people look in the mirror and do the exact opposite. So when you watch the Oscars on Sunday night, feel good about yourself and rest assured that those women did not wake up looking like that.