Golden Girls

goldengirls.jpgOkay, how amazing was Betty White on SNL? That woman makes me laugh so much! At 88 years old, I find her completely inspiring for her energy and sense of humor. Seeing her always reminds me of Golden Girls, my all-time favorite TV show. I loved watching Dorothy, Rose, Blanch and Sofia having so much fun as roommates in Miami. Even 30 years later, episodes of this show are still on cable. What is it that people love so much about these women? For me, it is the idea that getting older can be a joy. People stop being so self-conscious and learn to have more fun. What a major lesson this is, as many people waste years being inhibited instead of living in the moment. Dougall and I recently returned from visiting our families in Florida. My grandmother-in-law lives in Naples, and is the picture of health at 94 years old. She lives in one of those beautiful retirement communities that are all over Florida. I love visiting her there because it reminds me that growing old can be fun. Water aerobics in the pool, card games with friends, and a non-stop buffet at the restaurant; you get the idea. My husband likes to make fun of me by saying that I'm looking forward to getting old, and he may have a point. Now that we're back in Los Angeles, I often meet people who are consumed with trying to look young - at any cost. I like to think of the Golden Girls as an example of how much fun getting older can be. So go put on some shoulder pads and tangerine lipstick in honor of the ladies, and celebrate life!