Our new place

wr.jpgWe finally moved into our new home! Dougall and I had been looking to buy a new place for well over a year in LA, which is way longer than we expected it to take. Who knew there were so many people in Los Angeles? We made four previous offers and got outbid on each house. So this time, I brushed off my 'manifesting' cap and started to visualize us living in our new home. I closed my eyes and pictured us sipping wine on the back patio, watching the sunset. I wrote down our names and the address of the home that we wanted about 1000 times. I even wrote ourselves a letter and addressed it to the house we wanted, with the intention that I would mail it to our new home the day that we moved. And you know what? We got the house! In any case, after being up to my neck in boxes and packing tape, the dust has finally settled and I'm so happy to be home. I have been surprised and delighted by our garden here, there are over a dozen rosebushes! Since we did not plant them, it's been a complete surprise to see the color of each bush as it blooms. I've been completely inspired by the colors of each of them, in particular a soft pink (that's a photo of it above). In fact, I've been seeing these roses in my head when I think of new makeup looks for clients. With this in mind, I recommend one of my favorite blushes of all time. It's a product called Blushcreme by MAC, and the color is called Ladyblush. If you've hesitated to try cream blush in the past, this is a great product to start with. You can just swirl your finger lightly on it and then blend right into the apples of your cheeks. It will give you a perfect rosy pink flush on your cheeks. Although I am a fan of a dewy blush, you can set this with a sheer powder blush if you want it to last longer (MAC blush in Cute is perfect for this) The added bonus is that you can also use it on your lips. Just top it with your favorite lip gloss and you're done!