Safe Sun for Summer

sunblock Have you guys heard that your sunblock could cause cancer? When I first read this, I practically fell off my chair. I have religiously practiced "safe sun" for as long as I can remember, applying sunblock every day. Then the other day I read an article stating that some common ingredients in sunscreen (such as vitamin A) can actually contribute to skin cancer. This seems so wrong and backwards, like diet food that actually contributes to weight gain. Oh wait a minute... I took the photo above in the cosmetics section of my local supermarket. As soon as the news came out, every bad sunscreen on the market seemed to go on sale! So anyway, I have thrown out all of my old sunscreens and am going to start fresh. My goal is to test as many safe sunscreens as possible and see which ones I love. I read through the list of safe sunscreens on the Environmental Working Group's website to see my options. The first one I picked up is the Badger Sunscreen For Face and Body, SPF 30. If you've tried some safe sunscreens on this list, let me know!