Searching for a good Sunscreen…

  So I've been testing out a couple of natural sunscreens and have come to a few realizations:
    a.Sunscreen with a super-high SPF can make you look like a pasty, white ghost.
    b.It's almost impossible to wear an organic sunscreen without looking like a shiny/oily greaseball.
    c.I'm kind of practical (read:cheap) and prefer not to spend a lot of money on sunscreen if I can find a more affordable alternative.
With that said, I do think that you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun easily. I started testing natural sunscreens at the end of the summer, after reading that most supermarket sunscreens can actually cause skin cancer. I know, seriously? Anyway, first on my list was the Badger Sunscreen for Face and Body, Unscented SPF 30. I promised myself that I would give this product a fair chance and use it for at least a week to see how it performs. From the get-go, I noticed that this stuff made me look very white and pasty. You know how babies at the beach look after their parents put SPF 100+++ on them? That's the idea. You might as well slather on some cream cheese, it was so white. However, this is not entirely unusual for a natural sunblock, because titanium dioxide is the main ingredient (it reflects the sun off your skin, and is what makes you look white). I also noticed that it left me feeling super-shiny. To correct this I would just mix it with a drop of foundation to tone down the whiteness, and powder with translucent powder to blot the shine. So overall, I would only recommend this product on a daily basis if you were willing to add those two steps. The second sunscreen I tried is Kiss My Face sun screen spf 30 with oat protein complex. I actually really liked this product! This had a much more sheer, lotion-y feel to it. I applied it to my face and immediately noticed that my skin was not nearly as shiny as I expected. It had more of a "dewy" effect to it, which you might really like if you have dry skin or live in a colder climate. The "pasty" effect was also much more tolerable, in fact I hardly noticed a change in my skin tone after applying this. Score! The only downside that I did notice was that it started to sweat off easily when I wore it during a bike ride. I also noticed that my sweat was white-ish, which looked really weird. Overall, I would easily recommend the Kiss My Face as a good daily sunscreen. However, you may want to keep looking if you're in the market for a "sweatproof" product.