Bobbi Brown’s All Over Bronzing Gel

Hi guys, I hope that you're having a beautiful November! I am loving the change of seasons so much. Warm gold, orange, and red leaves seem to be everywhere. I love the smells and sounds of a blazing, crackling fireplace, and a warm soup on the stove. The only thing I don't love, however, is how pale I start to look when the seasons change. Some people look wonderful with an ivory complexion, but I think I need a little color to look healthy. With that said, I am always looking for a product that allows me to protect my skin and get some color at the same time. This season, I have been rather obsessed with Bobbi Brown's All Over Bronzing Gel. My favorite way to use this product is to mix a drop of it in with my morning sunscreen. Blend them together and smooth onto your clean face. What I love is that I get to protect my skin and feel like I've spent an hour in the sun at the same time! You can technically use this bronzer straight out of the bottle, but I find that I use it on a daily basis when I blend it with my moisturizer.