Beauty Bus

The other day I was reminiscing about my first days as a makeup artist.  I was so excited to be freelancing for a respected makeup line like MAC, and I loved all the interesting people that I got to meet.  That day, I was working at the Christopher Street location in New York City (the very first MAC store ever!), when a woman in her 30's walked through the door.  It was very quiet in the store, and I asked if she wanted a free makeup aplication by me.  Her eyes lit up, and she immediately said yes.  She sat down in my makeup chair, and we chatted as I applied a rich moisturizer to her dry skin. "I'm Lisa.  I need a makeover so badly, thank you", she said gratefully. "Why, what's going on?" I replied as I smoothed some lip balm on her lips. "I just finished chemotherapy and have not had much time for myself lately."  She pulled off her hat to reveal her bald head underneath.  "I just want to feel pretty today." I immediately hit it off with Lisa and we enjoyed playing with the makeup colors I had chosen.  There was something so healing about this experience, I just loved pampering Lisa and wanted to make her feel like a queen.  I used cream blush to give her cheeks a rosy sheen, and a tinted lip balm for a pop of color.  When I was done, I held up the mirror to show how healthy and beautiful she looked.  She was delighted and gave me a big hug, then glowed as she walked out of the store.  This experience sums up everything that I love about makeup, and it is why I am so excited to get involved with Beauty Bus. Beauty Bus is an amazing charity organization that provides beauty treatments to people with debilitating illnesses such as cancer.  They also extend these treatments to the caregivers, because they know how taxing that can be for loved ones who are helping out.  Part of my goals for the new year is to volunteer with groups that inspire me, and Beauty Bus is a perfect fit.  I went through my training over the weekend, and I'm so excited to connect with my first Beauty Bus client!