Scrub a Dub

I've always had a low maintenance approach to my skin care routine, feeling that I was just blessed with good genes.  (Go bar hopping until 4am and wake up with a hangover?  Why not, my skin is blessed.)  Little did I know that I was just being fooled by being twenty-something.  About a month after settling in to our new home in Los Angeles (and turning 32), I started to notice concentrated patches of flaky dryness on my cheeks.  I would slather on a heavy moisturizer, but that only seemed to turn the patches a flattering shade of crimson (picture the ruddy nose of an old alcoholic Irish man).  I thought it was due to the dry weather and heat (fine, it's also the fact that I entered my mid-thirties).  After drowning my skin in moisturizer to no avail, I finally figured out that I needed to be exfoliating way more. With that said, my new skin case obsession is a microdermabrasion washcloth from Exfolia.  My friend Jill recommended it enthusiastically, and at $13 for one, I decided to give it a try.  The exfolia is a special washcloth designed to deeply (and I mean deeply) cleanse your skin.  You have to be very gentle or you could unwittingly give your face a Silkwood shower.  All you need to do is wet the washcloth, squeeze some facial cleanser onto it, and gently massage your face.  I definitely recommend using cleanser with this, it will not "glide" around your skin easily if you only use water. After just one use, I noticed that my skin was significantly softer, smoother, and brighter.  Even the fine lines around my eyes seemed less prominent!  I also love that you don't need to use any harsh chemicals to get a good exfoliation. In addition to the Exfolia cloth for the face, I am also loving the Salux Japanese Beauty Skin Cloth for the body.  A love triangle, if you will.  It's starting to get serious, I hope neither one is the jealous type.  The Salux is made from a scratchy nylon material, it almost seems too scratchy at first.  You wet it in the shower and add your favorite soap to it, then get to work scrubbing all over!  It makes a ton of lather with a small amount of soap, so you actually save money that way (just keep the cloth away from the shower spray after you create the lather, or it will wash it out of the cloth).