Q:What is airbrush makeup? A: Airbrushing is an advanced technique of applying makeup. It is popular for use in high definition television, as well as with brides who need to be sure that they look perfect in photos all day. Airbrush makeup is applied by using an airbrush compressor. A custom-blended liquid foundation is poured into the "gun" of the airbrush, which is then used to spray a fine mist onto your skin. This mist allows for great precision in evening out your complexion. The end result is fresh, glowing skin that looks natural and is long lasting! Q:What can be airbrushed? A: In addition to airbrushing a flawless foundation, I can also airbrush your eyeshadow, blush, eyebrows, and even lipstick! My clients are delighted when they see the exquisite smoky eye, sculpted eyebrows, and pretty lip stains that I can create. Q:What cosmetics lines do you use? A: I mainly use Temptu airbrush makeup to create your look. Temptu is a very popular professional line, and has been used on numerous films (X-Men, X-Men 2, The Stepford Wives) as well as countless magazine covers and music videos. Other than that I have a variety of brands in my kit such as MAC, Nars, and Bobbi Brown. Q: How long will my makeup last? A: You can expect your makeup to last 12 hours or longer. Generally speaking, I suggest using a traditional lipstick or gloss on your lips. Even though I can airbrush a beautiful stain onto your lips that will last, you should still reapply lipstick or gloss to add moisture and shine.